Independence and Me!

At my workplace, we had competition for Slogan writing in following categories:

  • I Proud to be an Indian”
  • “Our Motherland, Our India

Both the topics were thought provoking for me, as 60 years of republic, India was moving forward showing its prowess to all the developed nations.

I was thinking what was were my feeling strong for, Indian pride, or motherland?

I choose writing slogan for “Indian”, and went through with wining the competition.

The entry that got awarded was

Shine bright by doing just right

Knowing our rights we lead a fight

Aiming high and taking greatest flight

Each Indian leads with a pride and might

Making sure that I don’t miss the every word I felt for India, I wrote and wrote …

I made and attempt and within an hour I wrote 4 slogans for the same.

First :=>

For you we rise

For you we fall

Entire life we salute you TALL

Hey Tricolor you bring together us ALL

Second : =>

We heard a Call we heard a Cry

We saw those with the devils Eye

We Slay them left Slay them right

Think of an Indian Before you start a Fight

Third :=>

It’s Now or Never

Just do it for better

Let’s show how clever

Indians are forever

Passing all the entries to the competition i was hoping that strike a Indian chord in each one . . .

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